Editorial, Vol 17.3

David Powis

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Adam, J., Bore, M., McKendree, J., Munro, D., & Powis, D. (2012). Can personal qualities of medical students predict in-course examination success and professional behaviour? An exploratory prospective cohort study. BMC Medical Education, 12, 69. doi:10.1186/1472-6920-12-69

Adam, J., Bore, M., Childs, R., Dunn, J., McKendree, J., Munro, D., & Powis, D. (2015). Predictors of professional behaviour and academic outcomes in a UK medical school: A longitudinal cohort study. Medical Teacher, 37, 868–880.

Patterson, F., Prescott-Clements, L., Zibarras, L., Edwards, H., Kerrin, M., & Cousans, F. (2016). Recruiting for values in healthcare: A preliminary review of the evidence. Advances in Health Science Education, 21, 859–881.

Smyth, D. H. (1946). Some principles in the selection of medical students. British Medical Journal, 14, 357–367.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.11157/fohpe.v17i3.181


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