FoHPE New Issue Published - Vol 23.4


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FoHPE has just published its latest issue - Vol 23.4

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Celebrating Partnerships

Research articles

“We’re all there to learn”: The experience of novice workplace-based assessors in anaesthesia training 

Flexibility in primary medical programs: A scoping review

Professional development from the perspective of new-graduate physiotherapists within Australian hospital settings: A qualitative study

Predictors of stress, anxiety, depression, study engagement and academic performance in physiotherapy students, including a subgroup receiving a mindfulness training program

Short report

Experience of volunteer medical students assisting in the healthcare worker influenza vaccine program at a tertiary hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic

Interprofessional Education

Recommendations for the design of interprofessional education: Findings from a narrative scoping review 

Vol 23 Reviewer Acknowledgements

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